As you know at Carbon we don't stand still. We are ever growing and evolving. Looking for better, more efficient ways to do things.

REVIEW We are always reviewing existing processes to make sure they meet all of our expectations and requirements. Most recently under the microscope has been the Client Invoicing Process. THE FINDINGS We were looking for a way to improve on service, efficiency and continuity in the Client Invoicing Process. We wanted a more scaleable, flexible offering and the capacity to do more invoicing on demand. To achieve this, the day to day responsibility for invoicing will now lie with The Accounts Team and managed by Partner Support. THE TRANSITION The Accounts Team have been taken through an intensive training session with Joc. She has prepped, coached and tested them to make sure they are in tip top shape for taking over this task. They are ready. They are raring to go. They will be picking up the invoicing baton with immediate effect. ADDITIONAL BONUS This does not mean that Joc and the Partner Support Team will not be taking a keen interest in the invoicing process. They will still have their finger on the pulse. But what this new process will do, is free up more time for them to focus on the financials and general support for your businesses. SMOOTH OPERATOR As always we want things to run smoothly for you. We will be monitoring things closing and we really want you to feed back your experience of the new process to Joc or Rob over the coming weeks.