New Home. New Partners. Happy Times.

It’s been a busy time, what with our planned Hub move to the Creative Quarter and with the recent arrival of so many new Partners. My thanks to the fabulous team here at the Hub for their help, support and seriously hard work in recent weeks. I look forward to welcoming you all to our new home in the months ahead.

I know we all feel the buzz in Carbon, but it's really taking hold in the world around us too. We are looking forward with great optimism. The Talent Team tell me we might make close to 30 Partners by Christmas and we already have some great new joiners signed up, ready to arrive in January.

With the arrival of our new Partners, the planning team for our Development Day and social night on 7 December have suggested that we re-schedule this event for January/early February so we can include everyone. This will optimise the opportunities for you all to connect, collaborate and develop. We’ll still include the option for us all, Hub and Partners, to wine and dine together in the evening. Watch this space for the revised date for diaries. But of course we'd still love to have the chance to celebrate the festive season with you. So on that note I’d like to invite you all to The Hub for a mince pie and a glass of something fizzy on Friday 15th December, doors open from 2pm. I appreciate that it’s a trek for those in London and it’s by no means obligatory, but you’ll be very welcome. We’ll confirm arrangements in October’s Partner Newsletter. I hope you enjoy catching up on our Carbon news and developments in what follows. Onwards and Upwards. Michael

Talent Goes Full Throttle.

The Talent Team are on full throttle. We have lots of candidate meets, campaign plans and process improvements that are keeping us busy. Our Growing Community.

And so we continue to flourish. It’s fabulous to have so many new Partners on board. We have loved getting to know everyone. Welcome to the Carbon Community: Chloe Flatley Gemma Tominey Luke Weldon Jamie Pheasant Jim Ryan James Sayer

New Partner Campaign.

As always we'd love to hear from you about anyone you think would make a great Carbon Partner. Right now, we're busy gearing up for a 'New Partner' Campaign. We'll be sending out a note to let you know a bit more about it, and when it's 'going live' on social media. It would be amazing if you could help us to spread the word on Twitter and Linked In - it really makes a difference. Thanks for your help.


Talk. Training. Control.


By way of a quick reminder and for the benefit of our new Partners, Moneypenny act as our front of house reception. They field and screen calls for us all - blocking unsolicited sales call, saving everyone's time. Moneypenny will, in the first instance try to put the call through to your direct line number. If you're not available they will email you with the details of the call. It's important that if you are out of contact for any period of time (e.g. holidays), you e-mail Moneypenny directly on to let them know you are unavailable and give them clear instructions about how you'd like your calls to be handled in your absence. Telephone Conferencing.

In response to feedback we have sourced a telephone conferencing service through Legal Connect. You can access the process here.

Training and Development.

We are proud of the T&D guidance and support provided through the Platform. It is as sparkly, shiny and well received as it was when unveiled – it is now starting to show signs of rust through lack of use! As the date for the renewal of practising certificates draws ever closer, can we urge you to flout tradition, use the T&D section of the Platform and not leave your updates to the last minute? Pretty please? Financial Management and Credit Control Process.

Following on from my note on 18th September, many of you will be aware that we have started to apply a standard credit control process. The intention is to work with you to help release your lock up for the benefit of your practice and Carbon overall. I know that a number of you will already have had discussions with Joc regarding letters chasing your unpaid fees and disbursements. With all new processes, there's a “bedding in” stage. As it starts to become standard practice, we encourage you to continue to provide feedback on how the process is working and how we are supporting you in improving your aged debt position. In addition to credit control, we are looking more closely at aged WIP. We will be working with you, to identify how we can help you convert this into invoices and cash in your bank. Again, we are here to support you in keeping your ledgers as clean as possible so that you have an accurate picture on the financial position of your practice. As always, if you have any questions please give me a call.


Amplification is the Way to Go.

Record Breaking.

In Brand and Communications we have been busy writing about and amplifying our new Partners through our website and social media. And what a response we have received. The New Partner announcement which went out on Twitter and LinkedIn, caused a record spike in engagement. This shows us that people love hearing about Carbon. So let’s give them plenty to read about. Send us through any information about you, your clients, your practice that you'd like us to shout about. Get Social.

Using Twitter and Linked In, will really help raise your profile. Miles is on hand to chat through any social media questions that you may have. If you are interested in scheduling a 20 minute training session by phone please drop Miles a line to arrange a time.

We are already thinking 'Christmas' and will have details about the Carbon Christmas Card coming out in the October Newsletter. Judith.

In Other News.

Tour de Nevada.

Good luck to Mr Burne as he embarks on his mammoth cycle challenge from the Grand Canyon to Las Vegas. If you haven't already donated and would like to help Michael to reach his target please click on this link. Law Gazette.

If you still wish to receive your copy of the Law Gazette you will need to update the new Hub address directly on the SRA’s system as we are unable to do this on your behalf. Go to : Carbon Law Partners, Creative Quarter, Morgan Arcade, Cardiff, CF10 1AF