Welcome to our October Partner Newsletter. As you know it’s been a big month for me personally with the Canyon to Vegas Ride. A great experience which I've gained so much from..... but there is something in particular that stands out which I'd like to share with you.

We all know I'm not the fittest 47 year old, so a physical challenge like a gruelling bike ride has never been high on my list. I certainly didn't have any points of reference for my ability to complete the challenge.

My training for the ride was also not straightforward, due to injury preventing me from completing my training plan. As I arrived at the start I was in a positive frame of mind but I certainly was not brimming with confidence that I could meet my personal objective of cycling every inch of the 360 miles. Day 1. My resolve was immediately tested with a 35 mile climb into a headwind. Already I was questioning myself about what I was doing and why I was putting myself through what turned out to be a brutal day, both physically and mentally. But somehow, and I don’t know how, I got through it and rode every inch of the way. Each day presented different tests of endurance and spirit.

Day 4. Nearly broke me. The accumulation of distance to be covered, physical exhaustion and the unrelenting hill climbing that day brought me to the point of collapse and was the biggest test of my mental strength. Having done 52 miles with 18 left to go ( into a headwind and climbing 5000 feet) before lunch, my body and most of my mind were screaming at me “stop, get off, walk.” The wind was so strong that if I stopped pedalling the bike stopped. When my chain came off and jammed between the front cogs I wondered what more could be thrown at me. Half of me was thinking about stopping and the other half, unaware of where the other riders were, worried that I was going to face the sweeper van. It had taken me almost 2 hours to cover 18miles. I was thinking about how I’d tell them that I was refusing to get in the van! I started counting 1,2,1,2 out loud just to keep moving. I thought about the charity, my family, my wife, my friends, and all of you. I thought about the promise to myself to ride every inch of the route. So that’s what I did. As I rode to that lunch stop I had no idea that half of the 40 riders had pulled out on that last 18 miles and my worries about the sweeper van were unfounded. The applause of the riders and their kindness in helping me off my bike, feeding me and giving me electrolytes was almost overwhelming. I have learned that no matter how hard things are or may seem, no matter what is thrown at me, no matter how hopeless I may feel or exhausted I am - I can get through. I’m not sure how or why, but I am sure of one thing - in all of us at Carbon there is a quiet determination to succeed. To succeed in the face of difficulty. To set and face personal challenges and to overcome them.

Each of us, in our own individual way, has a pioneering spirit and determination. Whether it’s what we do at Carbon, at home, who we help, or what drives us, that pioneer is there and we can all find it if we look hard enough! Inch by inch each us of us will succeed - trust me I know!



Welcome to the family!

Hannah Johns has joined The Carbon Hub as Credit Control Administrator. And what a fabulous addition to the team she is. She tells us she already "feels right at home".

After considering 6 UK cities for re-location, luckily for us, Cardiff topped the list for Hannah. So when she saw the job for Carbon Credit Control Assistant advertised, it was all she needed to make the leap. We love the variety of organisations that Hannah has worked with which has included Christie's Auction House, OK magazine and, more recently, TLT in Bristol.

We know that Hannah has spoken to quite a few of you and over the next few weeks she will be catching up with each of you to say hello.




We have some news which we’re very excited to share with you all. We announced at the Annual Partner Meeting in May that we would be undertaking a thorough review of our systems to make sure that we are providing the very best Platform for Partners to operate from. We have thought long and hard about what every single one of us is trying to achieve, the processes that currently work well and the ones that don’t. We’ve had lots of meetings with suppliers both large and small, endured hours of demos, performed months of testing and had bucket loads of discussions. Now we’re finally there. We’ve made a decision and we’re bursting to share it.

Drum roll, please We have chosen Actionstep as our new Enterprise Resource Platform, replacing LexisOne. We believe Actionstep fits our innovative attitude, has the functionality and flexibility to grow and develop with us and will deliver transformational improvements across Carbon. The project to configure and deliver Actionstep is well under way and we will be keeping you updated on progress and what this will mean for you in the near future. d For now, please get excited with us and click here to learn more about Actionstep. Watch some of it’s awesome features in action! We’d love to get your initial thoughts so please complete the quick feedback link at the end of the webpage.


A quick reminder to you all on the process for incoming mail to Carbon. All written correspondence must be addressed to:

Partner Support, Carbon Law Partners, No 215 Creative Quarter Morgan Arcade Cardiff CF10 1AF

N.B. Do not use any other address If you are a resident in Bristol, when post is received into the Hub, the front page will be scanned and emailed to you and the hardcopy will be posted to Boxworks. If you are not a resident at either Cardiff or Bristol locations, the front page will be scanned and emailed to you. We will then hold on to the original hardcopy for a period of 30 days, following which the post may be destroyed. It is up to you to confirm to Partner Support whether you would like the original posted out to you and if you do, the postal charge will be debited on your monthly Partner statement.



Scam Alert!!

A scam NCA (National Crime Agency) email is doing the rounds so you should be cautious about clicking on any links that may be in an 'NCA' e-mail . The scam has used a number of different e-mail formats that look convincing, and may be addressed personally to you. The email will usually ask you to follow a link to fill in information relating to an investigation or fraud.

Top Tip: the email looks very realistic until you look closely at the email address ( and the link address ($yu_wy); these are not addresses used by the NCA.

If you receive any emails purporting to be from the NCA please report them to the Business Quality Team so we can double-check the email and report them to the NCA if needed.

GDPR is go!

The Business Quality team have launched Carbon's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) preparation project. The project will cover both risk management and legislative compliance relating to the data we hold at Carbon, to make sure we are ready well in advance of the regulation coming into force in May 2018.

As part of this project the Business Quality team will be providing everyone at Carbon with e-learning on GDPR. This will give you an overall understanding of the new regulations and some of the key changes that will affect you as Carbon Partners. If you want to ask any questions on the project or what GDPR may mean for you then please don’t hesitate to drop us an e-mail.

What about GDPR and Clients?

Client facing materials will be created that outline Carbon’s approach to GDPR. This, along with information security is becoming increasingly important for clients to manage internally, and also to understand their partners’ approach. Don’t be surprised if it becomes part of the conversation with prospective and existing clients alike when starting or tendering for new work!

If you do have any clients that are interested in GDPR and what Carbon is doing about it then please contact the Business Quality team.


Are you sitting comfortably?

In November we will be publishing a series of Carbon Stories. These are pieces that have been written by author Ian Saunders, an 'experienced business storyteller' whose clients have included organisations such as the BBC, Channel 4 and Monocle 24. We will be publishing these stories on various streams - Linked In, Twitter, Facebook and Medium. The first 3 stories will be scheduled to go out on the following dates: Monday 6th November - The Founder Story Monday 13th November - The Culture Story Monday 20th November - The Partner Story You know what's coming next.... We'd love you to share, share, share - so that lots of people will hear our great stories. Judith


The Sound of Joc.

Once upon a time there was an idea. An idea of a business that might grow. It didn’t have a name. It didn’t have any lawyers or clients. It was really just a dream. Then she joined - our Joc. "What will my job description be?” asked Joc. My response was “you work it out, but the title is ‘Love the Lawyers to Death’”. With her own unique style Joc has lived that ethos. She has always gone above and beyond the call of duty and her loyalty and dedication to serving Partners has been fantastic. We are all sad that we won’t be working with Joc as she’s part of our DNA at Carbon. But, we’re very happy for Joc as she embarks on this new chapter of her life with her hubby, Mark, their new project together and ditches her long commute to the Hub. I’ve no doubt you’ll all join with me in wishing Joc a wonderful future and in thanking her for all that she has done for us all at Carbon.



We hope you can join us for Christmas Drinks at The Hub on Friday 15th December. Drinks served from 2pm. Please let Judith know if you can make it along. Thanks.