Think we can safely say that summer is here. Fans are whirring away in the Hub. We hope that you are managing to soak up some Vitamin D and that your BBQ's are working overtime.

Here we are with edition #1 of Partnership Matters for July.

Sharing the great things that are happening at Carbon.


Over the last couple of months we’ve seen an increase in requests for Carbon-branded documents, presentations and more. As a result we have formed a toolbox for each Partner consisting of the following essentials:

  • Brand Fonts to download (install guide included)

  • A document template including standard header, sub-header, standard paragraph and menu layouts to copy and paste where required

  • A PDF version of your Carbon Profile which can be printed or sent via email

  • Your Carbon Profile picture

  • A standard Powerpoint presentation template

  • A Powerpoint presentation template intended for proposals

We're aware that some Partners have had issues with the fonts in the Powerpoint presentations – this was due to a compatibility issue between Powerpoint on Mac and PC. As a result a similar but alternative font, Arial Black, is now being used.

Over the next 48 hours you should receive an email, either from Miles or Microsoft, giving you access to your Partner Toolbox folder in Sharepoint.


We've created an 'at a glance' guide to show the practice areas for each Partner. This helpful tool is located on the Platform. You'll find Partners listed under each service category. Click on their name to take you to their profile page. You'll also find a link to take you to information about the rewards available for Referrals.


You may have noticed that we have a new service page in the 'What We Do' section of the Carbon Law Partners Website. This service page is dedicated to Employee Incentives. You'll notice that sitting behind the bullet points are pages providing further details on that specific area. We'll be looking at doing this for other service pages - we'll be in touch.


Data is something the Brand & Comms team are keeping a close eye on - and something incredibly important for Carbon moving forward. From here onwards, each month, we’ll be offering a few insights into any analytics success experienced, for both the Carbon Law Partners website and our social feeds.

June 2018 has been a particularly good month for Carbon Thinking on our leading social platform LinkedIn. We saw a 33% increase in engagement compared to May thanks to great pieces from Matthew Huggett, Rob Flint, Jess Owen and Jon Moore.

On Twitter we also experienced a 58% jump in the number of Impressions. This was thanks to the large number of retweets and likes from inside and outside of the Carbon Community. Thank you to all of those who continue to spread our posts to their own networks.


Welcome to Laura Hayman, who has joined the Hub Team, taking up the position of full time PA to Michael. Lisa will be showing Laura the ropes and settling her into her role. Laura will be in touch to introduce herself to you.


As we mentioned we are delighted to be one of the key sponsors for the Fast Growth 50 2018. The dinner will be taking place in the Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff on Friday 19th October. This is a high-profile event, and even more so this year as it is the 20th anniversary of these awards. We would love Partners to be involved and reap the benefits of being attached to this event. If you are interested in being part of FG50 this year please click here to find out about the package on offer.