It's our top priority to continually improve services and help you build strong practices. To get this right, we regularly need to take the time to find out how we can best support you across the core services (and beyond). You'll already have received calls from Rachel to discuss the services and make sure that you're aware of what is available to you to get the most out of the Carbon support network.

We've been working on extending the use of Actionstep as the Carbon core system and looking at how we can use it to record contact centrally so that actions and follow up can be transparent for both the Hub and the Partner. Our newest Partner (Toni Sharp) graciously agreed to be our guinea pig and has been working with Rachel to iron out any issues. We'll be rolling this out across the Partnership. During September's Partner calls Rachel will take you through details of how this will work.


The hot topic from our last Partner Support Calls, and something we touched on in our last newsletter was the subject of of Actionstep training. We're pleased to say that this has been prepped, logistics have been put in place and delivery by our resident Partner Support performer, Rachel Allen, is under way.

Following the tidal wave of feedback from the Partnership requesting training on Actionstep, a huge amount of focus and resource has gone into developing the training during July and August. So, we're surprised that we've only received 10 training requests from Partners to date.

As mentioned in previous instalments, this is just the first phase of training and we'll naturally be picking up on your input from the sessions and we'll build on the mechanisms for delivery and available content as the development of the system progresses.

The training request button remains on the Platform – don’t be afraid to press it!



We're nearing the close of the disbursements process review. The draft processes have been mapped, documented and the revised forms have been pulled together for review by the Business Quality Team and our Accountants.

Following a safe run through the compliance gauntlet, the processes will then be submitted to the Finance User Group for review, discussion and agreement, before rolling out to the wider Partnership.

Your patience through the process review is greatly appreciated. Whilst it seems like it has taken a long time to review, it is important to get the processes as tight as possible for the benefit of everyone under the Carbon banner.

Not long to go. Honest!



Ooooh look – another shiny new button on the Platform for you.

With a number of Partners having now used the flexible paralegal resource offered by our friends at F-Lex, we've pulled together some information for those Partners who'd like to know more about how it operates.

If you're feeling overwhelmed with your workload, but don’t want to commit to a full-time employee; or if you want to take the extra holiday in the Bahamas and have your business looked after in your absence - click here see what F-lex can do for you.