We're delighted to confirm that we have renewed our PI insurance effective from 1 April 2019. Despite a tough market for many firms (as a result of our approach to quality together with the direct relationship we maintain with underwriters) we've been able to retain the same terms. This means your clients and you will benefit from £10m of professional indemnity insurance cover with an excess of £10,000 for each claim. We know this compares very favourably with the market, and our competitors. It balances a higher excess for a lower premium with a lower excess for a manageable premium. We hope Partners will feel we have judged that balance correctly, but views are always welcome. To date our quality record has been excellent. We have never faced a claim and have a low incidence of customer complaints. These are factors not lost on insurers. We need to appreciate the importance that business quality and client care have for your clients and for our risk profile. This contributes to the ongoing building of our brand – your brand. It is our intention to turn the spotlight on quality over the coming months and to highlight how this adds value for us all. If you have any questions about our PI insurance please contact Michael.


You received your Annual Partner Meeting invite last week. If you could please return your responses using the links provided on the invite - as soon as possible please. Thank you.


As you'll all know Brexit remains in a state of “flux”. The eventual outcome of the parliamentary process remains unclear and the revised deadlines confirmed by the EU Council are close at hand. While we cannot predict the outcome, it makes sense to consider the implications of a no-deal Brexit if you have clients that are EU residents in particular. Brexit also presents an opportunity to advise clients on contractual changes they may need to make around employment laws and commercial agreements to name but two examples. I'm grateful to Rob Flint who attended a Law Society Event on 27th March at Chatham House for sharing the detailed briefing documents on the implications for practices operating in other EU countries. Rob has also drawn attention to the content available on the Law Society’s website. If you feel Brexit has implications for your existing client matters, please carefully consider how you should be advising your clients. Remember this also brings the chance to seek new business opportunities. Please find links below provide by Rob Flint and there are also materials available to all Partners within PLC.

- Practicing in the EU

- Law Society Brexit Landing Page


We announced in our last newsletter that Property Expert Yvette Briggs was joining Carbon. We're delighted she's now here and settling in. For those who haven't had the chance to catch up with Yvette, the Annual Partner Meeting on 1st May will be a great opportunity to do just that. In the meantime you can learn more about Yvette here.


Neville along with his wife Helen, have recently launched a business venture with a client. The company is called MF Hero First Aid. It offers first aid courses and life saving skills to parents and carers of babies and children. It is being rolled out nationally as a franchise model.


Thank you to Rachel for her recent blog submission to Carbon Thinking. A very timely, and informative piece on Dispelling the Myths Around Employment Law and Brexit. It's great to be able to share our Partner's knowledge and advice on this topic. If anyone else would like to submit an article on Brexit or any other subject related to law and/or business we'd be delighted. Thanks again Rachel. Please share this update with your clients and contacts.


Michelle Correia has made the decision to leave Carbon and close down her business. She will be joining Stephenson Law, a commercial start-up firm based in Bristol. Whilst we are sad to see Michelle leave, we see this as an exciting opportunity to collaborate with a firm operating in complementary areas. So we are having discussions with Stephenson Law to explore these opportunities further. Michelle’s last day will be the 31st March 2019 and we’d like to thank her for contribution to Carbon and wish her well in her new employed role.


Some of you may not be aware that our very own Liz Jones graces the airwaves on Radio Cardiff every Friday between 1.00pm and 1.30pm when she presents her programme Liz on Law. She provides free advice to callers on a range of legal matters. Do tune in.


David is currently at Legalex which has been taking place in London, yesterday and today. David is tweeting live from the event. Please share these on your social media channels.


Congratulations to Jamie who has recently had an online article published in Real Business. The subject of the piece is about the "Fortnite" creators, Epic Games suing British SME Exciting Events. If you've not already done so, do take a read. A great article, which has continually been featured on the landing page of Real Business. As always, please share on your social networks.


As directed by the Partners involved in the Finance User Group (FUG), the team have been focusing on improving the format, information and delivery mechanism for the monthly Partner statements in time for the start of the new financial year.

A lot of progress has been made on this and we hope to be in a position very shortly to test this within the FUG. Once testing has been completed and approval received from the FUG we will be in touch with further information and a sneak preview of what you will be receiving.

ACTIONSTEP E-MAIL UPDATES. As part of the development of the Partners statements, the FUG has also been looking at improving the MI that Partners have access to. Like all practice management and case management systems, the “out of the box” reporting rarely meets the needs of all users – and it's fair to say that whilst the data is captured in Actionstep, it's not always easily accessed or viewable in the most aesthetically pleasing format.

Through the work undertaken on the Partner statements, we have also been looking at improved MI reporting for the Partnership and are working with the Partners in the FUG to help develop and produce improved reports that will help you all keep track of your performance and help you build your practices.

More news to follow shortly..

PRACTICAL LAW & WESTLAW V. LEXIS PSL & LIBRARY. LexisPSL and Library have historically been the core legal resources service provided by Carbon. Having listened to feedback from you, we also adopted PLC in May of last year and have since run these platforms in parallel, enabling us to further assess your views and ultimately provide the best possible blend of options to you.

Having consulted with you all and following a review of the analytics across both offerings, the overwhelming views of the Partnership indicated a preference for PLC and Westlaw.

Armed with your feedback and as part of our ongoing programme to improve services, we're delighted to announce that in addition to moving to your legal resources platform of choice we have also retained LexisLibrary in order to provide the broadest choice of publications open to you. We'll be withdrawing LexisPSL in favour of PLC.

In summary, the legal resources offering now provides the following:

  • PLC

  • LexisLibrary

  • Westlaw access

As part of the Westlaw package, running alongside the full Lexis library, Partners can now choose to purchase publications that are relevant to their individual specialism and requirements. More details on Westlaw access will be circulated shortly.