Not long now to go now. We're really looking forward to seeing you on 1st May in Bristol. We hope that you've all had a chance to read through the e-mail Michael sent you last week which contained all the information you need for the day. If you’ve chosen to attend the evening meal, and you've not already done so, can you please send back your menu choices and make the £50.00 payment to the details provided by Wednesday at 5.00pm. Thanks so much.


A huge well done to our very own champ Neville Catton who stepped into the ring on 6th April to raise funds for Cancer Research. Neville competed brilliantly on the night, finishing in a draw with his opponent. More importantly Neville was crowned "Best Fundraiser" - so well done to him for all his hard work. If you haven't sponsored Nev already, and would like to do so please click here.


Thank you to David for his article on Brexit which was published on Carbon Thinking. This piece explores 'How to Create Certainty at a Time of Division'...

"More viewers than ever are tuning in to hear Speaker of the House, John Bercow, repeat in an increasingly somber tone of voice: “Division! Division!”

Ratings of BBC Parliament during the Brexit debates has hit an all-time high, momentarily surpassing MTV* and matching figures with Eastenders**! To me, this highlights the human desire for certainty. Faced by potential crises, people seek out the information they need to become resilient. In the spirit of forward-planning and decisive leadership, your business can do the same."

Read on...


Welcome to Kempton Rees who started with us a the beginning of this month. Litigator Kempton, who is based in Cardiff, joins us from Darwin Gray where he was a Partner. He specialises in insolvency and restructuring, IP, Islamic Finance and professional negligence matters. You'll have a chance to meet Kempton and find out more about what he does at the Partner Meeting.


Following on from the last newsletter, where we confirmed the improvements to the legal resources services, we're approaching a fond farewell (or not so fond considering the preferences expressed by the majority of the Partnership) to LexisPSL.In order to give you as much forewarning as possible, please note in your diaries that the last day of access to this service will be the 27th May.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be no room for extensions!


Yes, Partner Statements – again.The new Partner Statement (in glorious technicolour) will be available for viewing in time for the Annual Partner Meeting on the 1st May 2019.

In keeping with our mission to build on the cutting edge products you have at your disposal, the partner statements will be electronically delivered via PowerBI (a powerful Microsoft Office365 reporting tool) and will also be available for you to view through Teams, a Microsoft application. In preparation for this, please ensure you have the Teams App installed on your PC. To install Teams now please click here. Both of these new applications are being added to the suite of software available to our Partners without additional cost as we continue to enhance our services to Partners.

There will, of course, be clear guidance and further information provided upon launch. We'll also be running the existing Partner Statement process in parallel for the April collections (payable in May) while you all get used to the new electronic statements and to safeguard against any little gremlins that may have escaped the thorough testing process. Our thanks go to the Finance User Group who have tested the new statements thoroughly and given us feedback which we’ve taken into account in our build out work.

MANAGEMENT INFORMATION. Hot on the heels of the Partner Statements will be the first phase of your MI dashboards – which will follow the same trail-blazing use of PowerBI and Teams.

Here is the rub though…..We imagine that you have all heard the wise maxim when it comes to reporting on data in systems – “schiesse in = schiesse out”. Whilst the data in the system is not “schiesse” it is in need of an overhaul. With that in mind, we have embarked on a data cleanse exercise to ensure that the information that is provided to you (again in glorious technicolour) allows us to deliver meaningful reports and measures that help us all drive practice development. This will stretch across matters that should be closed, ledgers balances that will need to be cleared and the collection of data that was not provided during the matter opening process.

Many of you will already have been contacted on matters from the Hub where we need you to engage and help us improve the quality of the data that we can report on, so thank you for your assistance so far. We appreciate your continuing cooperation and attention in advance.