It's hard to believe it is over 2 weeks since our Annual Partner Meeting. Thanks so much to Partners who have completed the APM Survey. The information provided was very useful for our post-event evaluation meeting and of course in helping us to plan our next APM.

As we mentioned in the e-mail if you chose not to complete the survey we would understand that you were happy with all aspects of the meeting.

We're pleased to report that the feedback was incredibly positive

  • 88% of you rated the day 4 or above - we did get some great feedback about the content which we will use for planning our next APM.

  • The venue proved a popular choice but we accept that the breakout space was not ideal.

  • The workshops all scored high marks but Michael's 'Making Connections' workshop came top with 94% rating it 4 or above. There have been lots of great suggestions about the workshops which again we'll be feeding into our decision-making process for next year.

  • It is safe to say that both speakers were well received. There have been numerous requests to hear more from Gerard Moore. Could this be due to the revelations he made?

Again thanks for your feedback. As promised we will use it to help mold our next APM.


As highlighted at the Annual Partner Meeting we are focusing on creating 'Good Foundations' offering for clients. Our Company Secretarial Services product spearheaded by Sue El Hachmi has already gone live on the website. Next up is Brand Protection Services which has been created by Viviana Mucharraz.

Our aim is to develop a range of Good Foundations products. We'd be thrilled to hear about any ideas that you may have. So if you have any acorns please drop Michael a line.


For those of you who were at the Annual Partner Meeting you will have already met the newest addition to the Carbon community, Kian Golestani. Based just outside Birmingham, Kian formally joins us on 3rd June 2019. It's fantastic to see Kian's referrals already arriving into the lives of existing Partners.

He is a highly experienced corporate and commercial property lawyer having worked for a number of well-respected firms (including Shakespeare Putsman and more currently Emms Gilmore Liberson). We're sure you will join us in welcoming Kian to Carbon in June.


We've got off to a great start with Passle. So far in May 73 Passle Posts have been created on our Viewpoints page. Also, there have been over 50 ISTATOYs sent so far to nurture relationships.

Please remember.

  • To keep sharing your content to your social networks and on a 1-2-1 basis using ISTATOY to drive engagement.

  • To include any relevant tags on your content (e.g. service areas) as we will start pulling content through to different areas of the Carbon Law Partners website based on these tags.

  • Every time you share something on Passle you're showing your expertise and building your personal brand.

  • We're here to help and support you with Passle. If you have any questions please drop Brand and Comms a line

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm in adopting this new marketing tool. We're glad you're enjoying it as much as we are.

Keep Passling!


We are over the moon to welcome two gorgeous new additions to the Carbon Family - Baby Bertie and Baby Billie. Rebecca, Laura, I'm sure there will be lots of willing Carbon babysitters to choose from. Congratulations, we're truly thrilled for you. Keep the photos coming in.


We know – it’s not the most exciting topic in the world – but it is an important one to understand and comply with. With the increasing number of storage options available, it is easy to forget that the sensitive information that you process at Carbon has to be stored on the applications that are provided as part of the Platform.

Below is a quick guide to making sure that you are keeping sensitive information safe and compliant:

1. Please do not use your local machine’s hard drive as storage for Carbon information. If you do need to work on documents locally (for example if you are working off-line) then make sure that you frequently delete these documents and store them more permanently in the recommended applications. If your machine is lost or stolen.

  • The documents held on the hard drive will be accessible to others. This breaches GDPR and also puts Carbon and the data subject at risk.

  • Carbon would then have to remotely wipe your machine to protect the information – so any documents you have saved would not be recoverable.

2. Do not use Drop Box, Google Drive or other storage areas that are not authorised by Carbon. Whilst the use of these applications are common place and many of us use these regularly for storing our own personal data, they must not be used for information which is being processed by Carbon. Quite apart from already having compliant and authorised methods of storing documents at Carbon, the information stored on these applications is held outside of the EU and breach data protection legislation.

3. All matter information must be stored on the relevant file on Actionstep and in the appropriate folders. If you are in need of a brush up on how to get the best out of Actionstep for generating and saving documents, please feel free to request training via the button on the Carbon Platform.

It is accepted that, with emails, many Partners prefer to use Outlook and retain a folder structure within it. Where this is the case, the emails should still regularly be assigned into the matter on Actionstep so that there is a full record of action on the matter.

4. Any documentation that you are working on outside of Actionstep should be saved in your Carbon OneDrive account. We have ensured that any information stored here is held within the EU and conforms to data protection requirements.

  • If you are not familiar with the use of OneDrive, we have put together a couple of short mandatory (and we will be checking who has watched them!) training videos which you can access here (Part 1 / Part 2) or through the Carbon Platform Teams site. If you can please ensure that these are viewed by the end of June that would be much appreciated.

  • As highlighted in the videos, please be aware that members of the Hub have administrator rights to your OneDrive account so be careful that you do not save any information that is not relevant to Carbon and you would not want viewed by anyone else.

Save safe and stay safe!

MANAGEMENT INFORMATION. The eagle-eyed amongst you may have already noticed that there is a shiny new button on the Platform giving you access to the Compliance Handbook. Business Quality are currently beavering away to review and update the handbook which we are fully expecting to be a Sunday Times bestseller when completed.

We we'll let you know when the new version has been published to the Platform.