We’re thrilled to welcome Lydia Turner to Carbon as our first Business Quality Manager. Lydia will be the first and central point of contact for you in relation to all Business Quality questions and activities at Carbon.

Further support will be provided by the Business Quality Team (BQT) with input from the experts at Riliance, who will also be on hand to provide the full BQT service in Lydia’s absence. They will also provide support to her in the creation of any policies, procedures, training or other documentation required for Carbon.


There are a lot of business quality changes coming into force this year driven by the SRA’s agenda and planned changes to regulations, which we want to make sure Carbon and our Partners are ready for such, including changes to Anti Money Laundering rules, a new SRA Handbook and new Solicitor's Accounts Rules.

But the BQT’s business as usual support will continue, spearheaded by Lydia, including:

PARTNER SUPPORT: Being the first point of contact for Partner’s business quality queries, backed up the BQT.

POLICIES: Making sure we have policies and procedures that meet our obligations and also work for us in practice.

COMPLAINTS: Managing complaints, client queries and helping resolve issues, overall supporting our shared vision for service quality.

INSIGHT: Providing reports and visibility that will help the Hub and Partners see our Business Quality performance and our opportunities to be even better.

INTERNAL AUDITS: Exploring thematic areas of how we are delivering Business Quality so we can focus on what makes a difference.

INTERPRETATION: Advising on and interpreting an ever-changing Business Quality landscape.

TRAINING: Training Partners and teams on Business Quality topics to make sure our community is capable and confident.

The wider BQT will be on-hand and will be providing additional support along with independent oversight including:

INDEPENDENCE: External and independent audits based on a 'performance testing'.

EXPERTISE: Additional and specialist resource and expertise as we need.

INDUSTRY INSIGHTS: Feedback from the wider insights and shared learnings of the wider legal sector.


Lydia will arrange short introductory calls with all Partners to say hello and learn more about your practice as well as answering any immediate questions you may have about regulation, compliance or how Business Quality operates at Carbon.

At the Hub we will also be updating the policies and procedures we have in place around Business Quality and helping Partners with both how we are evolving and how the new code of conduct changes will affect Partner Practices. Lydia will be available by Phone and Email and will be spending much of her time working from the hub in Cardiff.

CONTACT DETAILS: Mobile: 07436 547 557 | Email:


The last QPM took place on Thursday 20th June at the Arnolfini in Bristol. As several partners were unable to attend the meeting at the last minute, we decided to change the format of the meeting.

Three partners, Sue, Jonny and Jon, were asked to facilitate the meeting and to get questions and input from those not able to attend. The “Partner facilitators” decided to split attendees into 3 groups, each lead by one of them, to discuss issues and ideas which were then fed back to the group as a whole. The Partner faciliators then reported back to the whole meeting on the topics discussed in their groups. Brief action-focussed minutes were taken for the actions arising from the overview and can be found here (password: FlourishSept2019).

Date change for September QPM - Bristol.

The next QPM will now take place 1 week later, on Thursday 19th instead of Thursday 12th September.

QPM’s are for Partners so please get involved and shape the agenda you want to see covered – whether you can attend or not. Planning for the next QPM is now underway – if you have any suggestions for the format, content, attendees or guests you’d like at the meeting please email Michael with your thoughts using the link here by Friday 26th July.

Finally, many thanks to those who gave feedback on the last meeting to Michael. We want to know what you think!


First, congratulations to the Passle competition winners – Neville Catton, Toni Sharp, Rob Flint and Team Lions. Thank you so much to all of you who have embraced Passle and are getting into the stride of using this to help build your profiles. Sarah presented the results from the competition and these are remarkable. You can view her presentation here using the password OrangeOctopus.

In the 7 weeks Carbon Partners wrote 111 blog posts and generated 2,500 pageviews to the website. They posted an impressive 934% increase in visits sourced from LinkedIn.

More details on a Passle user guide can be found in the next section of the newsletter, but here are a couple of points that Will and Sarah from Passle shared at the QPM.

Setting Targets.

It would be useful to set yourself a target in Passle to ensure that you are producing consistent content. You can increase or reduce this as you get into your own Passling routine.

Simply click here to set your target. An automatic reminder will be sent to you to help keep you on track.

Download the Passle App.

The Passle App is the easiest way to share content. So even when you're not creating content, you can leverage your colleagues' content and share this with key contacts. Some of you have already downloaded the app but for those who haven’t, you can do so on Android and Apple devices.

Orange Octopus.

Ever wondered why the Passle logo is an orange octopus? Will Eke from Passle sent this ISATOY to me which answers that very question. Find out!


The Brand & Comms team are pleased to introduce a new Partner Marketing section to the Platform, as we look to provide Partners with the guidance and materials to market themselves to clients, across social media and beyond.

While this section of the Platform will evolve moving forward, we’ve based the first round of contents on previous Partner requests and standard Carbon policies. It currently includes:

Whether you have any further questions on the Partner Marketing hub, want to offer feedback, or have suggestions moving forward, feel free to get in touch.


The Finance User Group will be aware that the review of this process has been on the list for some time and we have now started to look at this in earnest and we suspect that most of you will have experienced a slightly longer wait to have matters opened as more attention is given to the CDD aspects of the process!

The intention, as always, is to ensure we have the most robust and efficient process that supports Carbon, the Partner and ultimately the client. This does however, take time and whilst this is underway we thought it would be useful to provide a very simple diagram reminding you all of the standard actions to be completed (in chronological order) to get your matters opened quickly, in a compliant manner and without the need for any searching AML questions!

And here it is...

CARboN PROJECTS. Following on from the recent QPM and general feedback, we appreciate that there is a desire from many Partners to have greater visibility on what projects are in action and what projects are planned.

There is no shortage of activity in the Hub or future projects that we want to get our teeth into to improve everyone’s experience with Carbon.

With the diverse nature of our work-types and Partner specialisms it is inevitable that there will always be differing opinions on the priority of projects and services, but we understand that more transparency on our planning will help you appreciate what is being undertaken and also give you an opportunity to discuss these with the Hub and contribute your views.

With this in mind, we will soon be in a position to share the project runway with you. Please bear with us while we put this together in a clear and concise format for you.

PARTNER DIRECTORY. Following the request at the recent QPM, we are pleased to unveil the new Partner Directory is live and ready for your viewing pleasure!

The eagle-eyed amongst you will already have noticed its appearance on the Carbon Platform and as a new option on the Carbon Platform Teams site and may already have had a bit of a dabble to see how it works.

The information displayed has been captured from your Carbon Partner Files on Actionstep, where you will notice that there is a new custom field option on your matter toolbar called “Directory”. We have populated a series of questions with data that we already hold for you – but recommend that you review this data to make sure that it is up to date and accurate. It will be each Partners responsibility to keep their own information relevant and updated.

Using the directory could not be much easier with a search tab where you can select the practice area and industry sectors to identify Partners with authorisation and expertise in those areas. If you also click on the relevant Partner a pop out screen will also appear giving you more information about them.

Our thanks go to Rob, Yvette, Kempton and Jonny who kindly put the bulk of the data question set together.

We hope that this addition is useful in helping you to get to know each other and build your practices together.

That’s it from Planet Ops for this edition!

EMYR EVANS - MAKES MOVE TO MANUKA. Having recently come on board and become an investor in Flourish Holdings, Emyr has been wooed away from us by a client – Manuka Honey. Emyr had been providing board level input to Manuka’s directors and owners through Carbon Advisory Partners. The clients liked what he did so much they have nabbed him as a full-time employee. Emyr remains a friend to Carbon and to me and we wish him well as he shapes up the Manuka business. In the meantime, we are in discussions with a first Partner firm to come under the Carbon Advisory banner and more news will follow shortly.…