We’re delighted to welcome Dean Warren to the Carbon Hub and to the Finance team.

Amongst other things Dean will be responsible for helping us improve the financial hygiene of the business and your practices. This will include working with you to ensure that your WIP is accurately recorded, billed promptly and turned into cash for you as quickly as possible.

Dean will be in contact with you to get to know you and your practices very soon. Be nice!


Following on from the last edition where we announced that we would be sharing the Carbon Project Runway with you, we are pleased to announce that we are putting the final touches to this and it will be available for you (via the Carbon Platform on Teams) before the end of August. We'll let you know as soon as it is available.

SUGGESTIONS. To tie in with the release of the Runway, we have created a suggestions form for you to let us know your thoughts on how we can improve services, processes and performance. Here’s a form you can use to post any suggestions you might have. This form will also be available via a button on the Carbon Platform home page.

PARTNER DIRECTORY. A reminder that the Partner Directory is live and available within The Carbon Platform Team in Microsoft Teams. Please remember it is up to you to keep your directory profile up to date. To do this, go in to your Carbon Partner matter within Actionstep, click on the Directory tab and then click EDIT at the bottom of the screen. Enter all the relevant information that you can and remember to click the SAVE button at the bottom of the screen. Bingo!


It’s great to see more and more of us using the Microsoft Teams app as a communications tool and as a hive of information to help you operate. To keep up to date and get the best out of all that Teams can offer, it’s best practice to install both the desktop and mobile apps.

The Teams chat function is great to post quick messages to one another rather than storing chains of emails. Please also feel free to post interesting items to the Carbon Platform Conversation tab.

Teams also allows you to hold an online voice or video meeting via the Teams Meeting function, with both Carbon and external participants. To do this:

  • Open your Outlook calendar and click on the New Teams Meeting button at the top.

  • A link is then created in your meeting invitation for all the recipients to click on and join in when the time comes.

  • Alternatively, within Teams, click Meetings on the left and click Schedule a Meeting


There is a list of Partner contact numbers under the Contacts button in Actionstep and within the new Partner Directory, but did you know you can also use the Actionstep mobile app to find a Partner and call them directly?

Simply go to the app store and install the Actionstep app. Once you’ve logged in, press the Contacts button in the bottom right corner. Then start typing the name of the Partner and tap on their record when they appear in the list.

The Partner’s details will appear as clickable links. If you tap on a phone number, you will be prompted to call that number. If you tap on an email address a new email will open. If you tap on a web-link then that webpage will open.


Here is a handy tip (if you don’t know it already!). The “Quick Parts” feature in Word allows you to save either images or text (or both together) as a template to use again in future. This saves you from opening old documents or precedents and copying and pasting.

In Word highlight the text, image, or both together, that you wish to turn in to a Quick Part. This could even be an entire letter template.

Click Insert > Quick Parts > Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery. Give your Quick Part a name and click OK.

Now whenever you want to use your Quick Part, just click Insert, Quick Parts and choose your Quick Part from the list. The Quick Part element will be inserted wherever your cursor is positioned in the document.


Lydia is well underway with her introductory Partner chats and has more scheduled throughout the month. So far, she has been able to assist with conflict and confidentiality queries, drafting letters of engagement for specific matter needs and advising on all things anti-money laundering and client due diligence. For those who have not yet scheduled a call with Lydia please do so and if you have any Business Quality needs give her a call on 07436547557 or drop her an email at or via the Platform button for business quality.

Carbon’s Business Quality Handbook has been updated to reflect the current roles and responsibilities in Carbon, including our new Business Quality Manager. The new and shiny Handbook can be found by clicking the BQ Handbook button on the Platform. The next big updates will take place towards the end of the year when the new SRA Standards and Regulations have been released.

Lydia is now working with the Hub team on a new and improved file opening and due diligence process, ready to launch next month. In the mean-time please ensure you are following the Matter Opening Process flow provided in last month’s newsletter.


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