We're very pleased to announce that Faris Dean has agreed to join Carbon and will start work on 1st October. Faris is a Cardiff-based lawyer who specialises in corporate, commercial and corporate governance. He has a track record of advising small, medium and large businesses in the UK and overseas.

As an Arabic speaker he has particular experience working for businesses in the Middle East. In addition to this, Faris is also a Chartered Accountant who has worked for KPMG and PwC and previously Chaired the ACCA Global Forum for Business Law. Aside from undertaking legal work as a Carbon Law Partner, Faris will be offering accountancy and strategic business advice through Carbon Advisory Partners. Please join us in welcoming Faris to Carbon!


Last week our third QPM was held in Bristol, and debuted a new format which we will be keeping to going forward. Michael’s/Lydia's presentation is available to view on Sharepoint here for anyone who couldn’t make it to the QPM or who wants to refresh their memory. Special thanks to Jamie for being our first Partner to speak as part of the Agenda and giving us all an insight into the world of horse doping. If you would like to have a slot in the Partner Agenda at the next QPM, please email Laura. As always, we would also welcome any feedback on the meeting, especially the new format and any suggestions of items you’d like to have discussed at the next meeting. The next QPM will be held in Cardiff on Friday 6th December, and will be followed by our Christmas Partner Drinks. Further details will be sent out in October, so please make sure you’re ready to confirm your attendance so we can organise catering (and drinks!)

PRactising certificate renewals.

What’s not to love about October? It brings with it autumnal weather (usually), trick or treating, apple-bobbing and… oh yes...practising certificate renewals. In order for you to continue practising for the next year, it's time to remind you of some important information that we'll need so that you can continue to provide your Clients with the exceptional service that they know and love! As you are aware, the SRA requires that you self-assess your level of competence on an ongoing basis, and undertake regular learning to ensure your skills and knowledge remain up to date. To help you achieve this, we have provided you with a suite of tools via the Training & Development button on the Platform which enable you to Reflect, Create, Do and Record & Submit. The ownership to complete this on a regular basis is your responsibility. Every October, we ask you to complete the final stage of this process - the Declaration. This is your confirmation that you have undertaken the learning activity that you need to maintain your competence in what you do. With that in mind, and in order for us to go ahead and renew your practicing certificate, we would ask you to do the following: ACTION 1. Please submit an email to Rachel by Friday 25th October. The following required statement has been added to the e-mail. “I have reflected on my Practice and addressed any identified learning and development needs." ACTION 2. Make sure that you have opted in to the bulk renewal option in MySRA. This is unfortunately not something that the Hub can do for you and has to be completed by each of you individually. Please ensure you have completed both actions by 25th October.


We are sure you will have seen the Carbon Runway now on Teams (under Carbon Platform) which we unveiled in early September and hope that this is helpful in providing some transparency on much of the work being undertaken. It is a difficult balance to strike in how much detail to provide and deciding what to exclude. There are naturally some projects which are more Hub focused and also minor adjustments/corrections that could not properly be qualified as projects – so please bear in mind that there is a conscious decision to focus on making progress with projects rather than reporting on them. We hope that this is helpful for you in any event. Just to flag again – there is also a “submit new suggestion” button on the runway for you to put through your ideas for us to improve the service. Please don’t be shy with your ideas! If you do have any general comments around the runway, please feel free to contact Rob.


Those of you who attended the recent Quarterly Partners Meeting will have heard Lydia’s scenario around the loss of data through saving information to the local machine. The question was raised around the security of the software employed by Carbon to help prevent data loss and many of you will recall that this was covered in the May newsletter. We are conscious however, that not all Partners will have had the opportunity to read this and so have provided a link here for you to digest and make sure you keep sensitive information safe.


Thank you so much to Liz Saxby, Rachel Clayfield and Rob Flint for their Passle contributions this month - much appreciated. If you haven't already done so please take a read and share on your networks.

We'd welcome more contributions - Brand and Comms would be delighted to help if you need any help to get the ball rolling.


In addition to your Partner Support calls over the next couple of months, Judith will be in touch with each of you to have a chat through your personal website profiles, to make sure that the information currently featured is showcasing you and your skills in the best way possible. Judith will send a e-mail giving a heads up on the points that will be covered and to set up a suitable time for a chat over the phone.